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eClosePlus offers a unique option to meet the individualized needs of lenders, referral partners, settlement agents, and borrowers. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence, this technology enables the eSigning of ANY document from ANY provider with NO interface required and provides a comprehensive eClose solution.

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Why eClosePlus is leading the industry with ground breaking solutions

eClosePlus was founded by a team of real estate and mortgage professionals who have decades of experience providing closing services to lenders and title companies nationwide having a strong reputation for quality and innovation. We provide a range of eClosing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products that simplify the closing process and meet the individualized needs of mortgage lenders, settlement agents, referral partners and borrowers while offering a complete and secure electronic eClosing solution. Our AI technology automatically converts documents for eSignatures in seconds virtually eliminating missing or inaccurate signatures, omitted documents, and similar errors that often delay funding and the sale of loans in the secondary mortgage market. Created with flexibility in mind, our proprietary technology works for you with ease and convenience, helping to streamline your business while raising the standards for closings. We are committed to excellence in service and valued relationships with our lender and settlement agent customers and partners.  


Want a 15 minute closing ceremony? By using our eClosePlusExpress Hybrid product, your borrower will sign all non-critical documents before going to the Settlement Agent. Available in all 50 states, all product types with no Settlement Agent Training.


eClosePlus is your Complete eClosing Solution. Our Complete product allows you to have a fully digitized loan. Including a SMART Note, eVault, automatic MERs registration, eNotarization (where applicable), and a completely esigned package.


Leveraging the latest in remote technology, our Remote Online Notarization allows the borrower to completely execute all documents from the comfort of their home.

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About Us

Building on over 44 years’ experience in the mortgage and title industries, eClosePlus’ intuitive design streamlines and simplifies the closing process and offers a complete and secure electronic eclosing solution.

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